I made a game for a friend with another one during Global Game Jam 2017. It’s called Waves of Revolution and it’s a bit goofy in the good way. It uses a HTML5 VN engine I’m working on with favorite antarctic person and for that very same reason it got featured in Malditos Nerds. You can’t really use the engine yet, there’re bugs and docs are missing but you are free to grab the code for my game and extract the engine out of it and experiment a bit.

I was going to submit an SMS experimental game for the Spring Thing, but I couldn’t finish it in time. I think I’m gonna scrap it and rework it in another way that doesn’t makes me have to thing so hard in having plausible explanations for things. I will also make it in sequel.

I used Resist Jam to translate one of my Twines, Like Civilized People. The translation resonated with people abroad, so I’m glad I managed to carve out the time to do it.

Paradoxically, after the Spring Thing was done I did a Tiny Twine called A room of one’s own and a Texture story called The Sun Rises. I like the Tiny Twine better and I wish I would have made the texture thing in time for the Spring Thing, because it’s an okay experiment and it would have been nice to submit something since I said I would.

Now I will make a game for Adventure Jam and whatever else I come up with.