Tweetfairy got working touch controls and it’s now available on newgrounds and kongregate. It did way better on the former than the later on views and ranking, so I will be uploading my stuff to newgrounds and from now on.

I managed to get touch support working fine, but I’m not happy with how the resolution scaling went. I have a max and min resolutions and anything in between looks weird, but it can be zoomed in and out, so it’s okay. Packaging the game for mobile would solve all the issues, but I don’t think I will since Tweetfairy works better with an audience.

My newest project is a Twine game for the Spring Thing, it’s going fine, even if Harlowe isn’t the most programmer friendly tool. I’m learning a lot, so by the end of this I will be publishing a compilation of neat Twine tricks that make for a saner development experience. I’m also planning to add syntax highlighting to Snowman. Hopefully that will solve most of my issues with Twine.

You will hear more from me once I’m done with the Spring Thing.