October has been a really busy month and it looks like November will be as packed.

I made a Twine called Como la gente civilizada, inspired by all the debate surrounding the ENM, a yearly congregation of women that takes place in Argentina to discuss women’s rights issues. This Twine really got around and an English translation is in the works.

I took part in inktober, you can find all of my drawings at my other tumblr. Now that inktober is done, I’m searching for more prompts to keep the daily drawing habit alive.

I’ve been working on an updated version of The Intern Kittencloud’s Alt Ctrl Jam to showcase at the Meet the Devs expo in November. We will have a polished game, open sourced code, arduino schematics and a blog post explaining the design, construction and exposition process.

November is also the month in which I will be part of a diversity in videogames panel at expo EVA.

Meltdown, my game from ludum dare that didn’t make it, has been cancelled due to not being that good, nor that relevant anymore. I have experienced Character Development and no longer hold the same views about anxiety I used to.

Tweetfairy will get improved, but the priority is low. I made a twitter bot to patch some of it’s current hangups, but the bot isn’t working either, so I will see if I can provide a decent fix using Cheap Bots Done Quick.

Update: The bot is done. Here is the source, super simple.

You will hear from me again once I’m done doing all the things!