I made a Twine game in an hour. It’s called Latch Trap, you can play it on itch.io.

Evita Sempai
now has support for saves and was showcased at Incubate Arcade, I have no idea how people responded to it.

Right now I’m using the Alt Ctrl Jam to make a flashlight controlled game that helps me unpack and process all my shitty experiences with the shadier parts of the corporate world. It’s called The Intern and will be done by Sunday.

I will use October polish bits of Tweetfairy and finish Meltdown, my Ludum Dare entry who didn’t make it. It has a shaky future because it switched engines, but now I have Game Maker with HTML5 export and an RPG Maker MV license that I bought on a whim, so either of those should suffice to finish it in an afternoon or two.

After the jam I will tell you all about my experiences with Arduino, Game Maker and engine hopping.