The Changeling was a game I did with a bunch of people at the GGJ2014. When the jam was over we vowed we would stay in touch and that we would keep working on the game.

Around December I saw there was a new jam coming and thought it would be a good idea to finish the game, so I contacted the guys, the other programmer was up to it, the original artist wasn’t, one of the game designers said it was ok, but we couldn’t contact the other one, we also found a composer to do the audio.

We decided to focus the game on exploration instead of it being a survival horror and since we were having issues finding an artist we tried to work with what we already had. We did a little bit of work with it and things died down again.

While we still didn’t finish the game, some of the issues with it were fixed and the code we have on the github repo runs, so anyone who wishes to get their hands dirty with some old actionscript 3 code built with sprouts is my guest.

You can find and updated version of the game at the github repo